Current Students

Congratulations from the Community College Initiative

Dear NWCCI Students,

Congratulations on graduating from the Community College Initiative Program.  This is a time for celebration. By completing the CCI Program, you not only have gained knowledge in your fields of study, you have broadened your education by gaining a multicultural awareness that few people have.

Thank you for being such good students and for your dedication to the CCI Program. Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge with your fellow students, for your collaboration with the administrators of your program on important program initiatives, and for your contributions to your U.S host colleges and local communities in the United States.

We are proud of you. We wish you success in your personal lives and, as your return to your countries, as students or in the world of work.  As alumni, you are at the beginning of an on-going relationship with State Department and, we hope, with the Americans you’ve met in the United States and those you will meet in the future.  Continue your good work and keep in touch!   We look forward to hearing about your achievements as you reach for, and realize your dreams.

The CCI Team

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