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Thanksgiving: So much to be thankful for

IMG_20131128_115436This week NWCCI students will join local families for Thanksgiving dinner.  For most of our students, this will be their first Thanksgiving celebration. As family and friends around the country gather to share a feast and reflect and acknowledge what they are thankful for, we asked our current students to do the same.  Below you’ll find a list of things our students and staff are thankful for. 

(And if you’re still looking for holiday goodness, check out past blog posts by Khalida and Lutfun about their Thanksgiving experiences and read through 2013 participants’ list of things they are thankful for.)

“I’m thankful for God’s grace, friends who become family and new opportunities.” -Nasiphi Debe, South Africa

“I am thankful for the countless blessings, beautiful friends and the kind people around me.” -Ikram ul Haq, Pakistan

“I am thankful that I am still alive and met many people who are teaching me how to live my life like I am dying.” -Ida Bagus Nirartha Bas Diwangkara (Nirartha), Indonesia

“İ am thankful my mom, my friends, sunshine and music.” -Zeynep Ozturk, Turkey

“I am thankful for such wonderful moments of my life which I am spending here with my friends and NWCCI group.” -Ammara Arain, Pakistan

“I am thankful for every person around me.” -Imran Ahmed, Pakistan

“I am thankful for my host parents/friendship family for accepting me into their home, caring for me including all the support that they have granted me.” -Hardi, Ghana

“I am thankful for sunny days, the gift of traveling to new places, friends and students that teach me about life, and good coffee. I am also thankful that the best things in life are free… a good laugh with friends, a hug when you need it, bright stars on clear night, and that crazy little thing called love.” -Bebhinn Horrigan, NWCCI

“First of all I want to say thanks to the gods for given me a life. I want to say thank you to the U.S. State Department for giving me a great opportunity to study and learn new culture here. I like to say thanks all the teachers and staff of Pierce College for sharing their knowledge with us. And finally I want say big thanks to my all friends for being friends with me. Thanking you.” -Pratap kundu, India

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful students and staff every day!” –Lisa Thompson, NWCCI

“I am thankful that there is no place like home and family also friends. I am blessed.” -Heri, Indonesia

“I am thankful for my sister Rubina Sikandar who really helped me in the time of difficulties throughout my life. I am humbly thankful the U.S. State department for providing me this life changing opportunity. On this charming event I am very grateful to my program coordinator and my host family who really encouraged me in many ways and also their guidance really helped me to adjust in USA.” -Arslan, Pakistan

“I am thankful for the Department of State that gave me an opportunity to study in the US, and for the great people here that have been able to help me to learn the American Culture and practice my English. In addition, I give special thanks to my host family for getting me established, to my friendship family for helping me with my needs, to Iris, Ulli, Kelly, and Nicole for all of the handwork they have done to organize our activities, and to my friends at college who are helping me to understand the subjects. Everyone that I have met here so far has been a great help.”  Manishanker, India

“I am thankful for my parents and my family for supporting me throughout my life. I am thankful to U.S. department of state for giving me a unique opportunity to study in the United States”. Furthermore, I am also thankful to my advisor (Iris Anthony) and my Friendship family (Kara and Kurt)  for guiding and directing me.” -Khan, Pakistan

“I am thankful for my parents my brother and my teacher (shikha pal) to encourage me and support me a lot in my life. My special thank to Arun who put a lot of effort to make a sincere girl and also work harder on me to do my best in my studies. I would also like to thanks the U.S. State Department for giving me this opportunity to explore my knowledge. And last but not the least I would like to give a big thanks to my advisor Iris Anthony because when I came here I found only one person who makes me feel so comfortable and whenever I saw her I feel safe and comfortable. She always guides us and takes care of all of us. Thank you mummy, papa, Arun, Shikha Ma’am, Roshan (brother) and Iris.” -Rishali, India

“I am thankful I have the chance to stud in the United State as one of my dreams in my life! I would like to say thank you to my parents, the U.S Department State, Whatcom Community College and AMINEF Indonesia.” -Enny, Indonesia

“I am thankful for the opportunities I have been granted in life.” – Marcelle, South Africa

“I am thankful for a job that challenges my assumptions of the world, and keeps me present and humble. I am thankful for a family that is wonderful, open, and supportive.” – Iris Anthony, NWCCI

“I am thankful for my lovely family especially my mom because she has always been there for me. She taught me how to live my life.” – Camila, Colombia

“I am thankful that our brave and thoughtful students are willing to come to our campuses for ten months to share their knowledge and perspectives, to live in a time and place where I have access to so many good books, for good health, an amazing sister and a job that lets me learn something new every day.” Amanda Fletcher, NWCCI

“I am thankful to the people who have supported me throughout my life. I am thankful to my parents for their upbringing, i am thankful to my friends for being with me, specially I am thankful to my elder brother who has supported me in all conditions and situations, he has been a key figure in my life. Lastly I am thankful to you for the support and encouragement that you have given me. Overall I am thankful to everyone who have been always around me.” -Shay, Pakistan

“I am thankful for everyone who helps to adjust in a new culture and make me with a new society. Especially, I am thankful to Iris. She is always with me whenever I need her.  She is always ready to help me and understand me as a teacher, parent and friend.  I am also thankful for U. S. Department of State for providing me a golden opportunity to see a different world.” – Shivani, India

“I am thankful for Iris. She always here for us. Supporting us and make the things very easy for us. She is very helpful! Thank you so much.”  – Suzanne, Egypt

“I am thankful for my parents who gave me everything in my life. Thank you!” – Shahida, Pakistan

“I am thankful for being in this US Department of State’s Scholarship.” –Raj Varadharaj, India

“I am thankful for having the opportunity to study and for being healthy.” –Maira Dewato, Brazil

“I’m thankful for everything all the blessings in my life, trying to stay that way.” – Bashir Ullah, Pakistan

“I am thankful for taking an unplanned decision to apply for the scholarship and then end up here and having chance to meet and know so many great people here and being involved in so many great activities that open my perspective on almost all aspects in my life.” – Oni Dju Lete, Indonesia

“I’m thankful for being a twin, because I always have a friend to go everywhere and a friend to talk with.”  – Pasa Monti, Indonesia

“I am thankful for NWCCI program to give me a golden opportunity to study and share my culture with American people who are interested to know about our culture and making new friends from different parts of the world and the US too. Now, I cannot imagine how big my friends circle is and I am thankful for the US embassy in India for choosing me to this golden opportunity and I am thankful for my family, friends and teachers who are helped and encouraged me to do this. I appreciate my friendship family, because of them only we can forget our family for while. My beloved thanks to my program directors and advisors because this is not an easy job to maintain the students who have different thoughts and behavior and my thanking is not only for them, but for others like who are helping us while we are here.” –Vignesh Devanathan, India

“I am thankful my life is a beautiful mess and a lesson every day, and that this is enough reason to keep on keeping on, and more than enough reason to continue being thankful.”  – Noor Abir, Bangladesh

“I’m thankful for being granted this sublime opportunity to be around divergent cultures because I believe that from difference is where beauty lies.” – Siyanda Xulu, South Africa

“I am thankful for CCI program to give me such a wonderful opportunity to enhance my professional skills as well as communication skills. I am also thankful to my Dad who gave me permission for this program because we have male dominated society, so sometimes “permission” is a hurdle for applying for scholarships.”  – Naila Jehan, Pakistan

The NWCCI program is part of the Community College Initiative, an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

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