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Maria: Halloween is the same but different

Maria Lotero Jerez  is a Colombian student studying hospitality and tourism at Whatcom Community College through the Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) program. An important part of learning about a culture is experiencing holiday traditions and celebrating with friends and family. Maria reflects on the similarities and differences between Halloween in her country and the United States.

1390679_10203869875805005_5260138638206457264_nA few days ago on October 31st, I got to celebrate Halloween here and it is similar, but not exactly the same in my country. In Colombia, I go out with some friends usually after 7pm and we go trick-or-treating but not to individual houses. We go to local, small, family-owned stores around the neighborhood and we sing this song:

“Quiero paz, quiero amor, dame un dulce por favor.”

“I want peace, I want love, Give me a candy, please.”

After we sing this song we receive a candy and we put it in a plastic pumpkin that each person carries. Colombians wear the same costumes as American people and that includes Hollywood stars, super heroes, princesses, kings, animals or any kind of crazy costumes. I always go downtown in Bogota and have fun looking at all the different people with their costumes. On the other hand, here in the United States it was a new experience for me because I participated in some things that I have never seen in my country. For example, people decorated their houses, the streets, the stores and many other places. Also here they do some activities like pumpkin carving or have Halloween dances.pumpkin

With this experience I learned that this holiday seems to be more important for American people than Colombian people and that’s why I was in the spirit of this holiday. I took a lot of pictures, I decorated my apartment with some pumpkins and I enjoyed it so much with my new friends. I was happy to learn more about American culture and I hope to be involved with more traditional holidays coming up.

image001 (2)The NWCCI program is part of the Community College Initiative, an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.


3 thoughts on “Maria: Halloween is the same but different

  1. Maria,
    It was interesting to see how Halloween here was both similar and yet different then in Columbia I have read that many people think Halloween originated in ancient Ireland. As you noted, some people put alot of effort and expense into decorating their homes or into their costumes. And pumpkin carving is such fun. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to see that Naomi views this post. Roger

  2. well,as a first step, all that aventure is fantastic i loved read this story specially because halloween season as know as ” the candy night ” that date is weird party of the year the most ,actually is great idea have learned more about hallowen tradition from U.S.A ,after all halloween is the one party everyone can dress up to whoever that´s why you are able t forgot for a night or day who are you , imitate a new behaeve or context i mean something new ,simple and stupid halloween is awasome . thanks a bunch for the reading i loved it .pst: i hope will can reading more and know more things about you ” take care and blesses . i wish you much more successes.

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