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Ignacio: Maps don’t always give you a sense of the world

1601582_252303714946969_1190182687_nIgnacio Soriano of the Dominican Republic says that living in Lynnwood can sometimes be challenging, especially if you come from another country, as all of the Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) students do. He wrote the following blog post to help future students find fun and interesting things to do around Edmonds Community College.

With the help of my friends I’ve put together a handy list: 31 things you have to do before you leave. The suggestions go from where to be on a given weekend, where to study for your midterms and finals, and your best bet to grab seafood and other things. The method used to collect this data wasn’t something out of this world, and the order is a little random – but we hope the results capture the Edmonds Community College NWCCI experience.

Please remember the most important thing; this is definitely not a map!

So, in recognition of the experience of the Edmonds NWCCI students’ memories and experiences, here’s the list. How many can you accomplish before graduating?

1. Eat $1.50 Piezano’s Pizza (slices go on sale after 8:30 p.m.)
2. See a free movie at the Edmonds Community College Blackbox Theater
3. Have a late afternoon “Chai” tea with the Trader Joe’s Dunkers – Oatmeal Cranberry with White Fudge Drizzle
4. Take your first selfie at Seattle’s Space Needle
5. Bike to Edmonds Marina Beach Park.
6. Participate in at least two housing events
7. Take the bus to the Seattle Premium Outlets
8. Play badminton and tag in the parking lot
9. Enjoy the snow: start a snowball fight on the parking lot of the residence hall or build a snowman in front of the main door
10. Visit Ross, IKEA and Daiso for inexpensive clothing and cooking utensils
11. In a small study group, visit Aloha Café and enjoy the good coffee and the free Wifi
12. Have a picnic at Lynndale Park
13. Take the bus to Snoqualmie Falls









14. Visit one of the night clubs in Seattle
15. Attend a Brown Bag Lecture about a subject you don’t really understand
16. Attend the Voice Class recital
17. Dress-up and go “Trick or Treating” on Halloween night











18. Grab a late night beer or snacks at 7-eleven
19. Eat a halal chicken pizza at Piezano’s Pizza
20. Record a video for the NWCCI blog
21. Explore the stores in Alderwood Mall
22. See an exhibition at the Edmonds Community College Art Gallery
23. Watch a Bollywood Movie in the common room at Rainier Place
24. Host a birthday party in your apartment









25. Work out at the Seaview Gym on campus
26. Study in the right side of library during Fall Quarter (sit in front of the big window and enjoy the fall leaves)
27. Eat the Salmon Special at Brier Grill
28. Go for a weekday movie for US$ 7 – 10  at AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16
29. Study at Barnes & Noble at Alderwood Mall
30. Visit Ivar’s Salmon House in Seattle
31. Have a barbeque.









In college we are taught to think creatively and critically. NWCCI students are definitely not cookie cutters. We are a multi-cultural, diverse and unique group. From instructors to college staff and classmates to friends, I’ve grown to appreciate the different opinions and thoughts of others.  I hope that you can appreciate that the above list represents the unconventional ideas that we, as a diverse group, can come up with. Take advantage of what you will encounter next year. There is something for everyone!

The NWCCI program is part of the Community College Initiative, an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs.

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