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Mohamed: A full week of activities follows finals

leavenworthsnowNWCCI students are excited to be done with their first quarter of college in the United States and are now enjoying a break before winter quarter. Below, Mohamed Zain of Egypt reports on the activities that Edmonds students participated in last week.

The first quarter in the United States was very hard and full of studying as it was my first experience with an education system that totally differs from my country’s education system. During fall quarter we had a lot of activities, which were great chances for us to overcome the routine of studying and living. After finishing final exams, our advisors planned a week full of activities to keep us busy.

leavenworthOn the first day of our winter break, Friday, December 13, we went to Leavenworth, a German- style town that is 188 miles east of Lynnwood. It was a very nice town where each house, store, restaurant, and hotel is decorated with colorful lights. The snow covered the land and the roofs of buildings. It was the first time for almost all of the NWCCI student to see snow. We had a lot of fun there.

On Monday, December 16, we went to Seattle to visit Pacific Science Center. It was the first time for us to visit this great center. I learned a lot at the center, especially at the RACE Exhibit, which presents the meaning of race, and the history of race in the U.S. We also visited the dinosaur exhibit, which gave us a lot of information about the dinosaur-age, and the butterfly house, which is an enclosed, weather protected area that has a lot of butterfly species. We also watched a 3D documentary about the Ice Age, which gave us good information about the life in the Ice Age, and how human beings survived this era by using their minds.

On Tuesday, December 17, we had a lot of fun at the movies. We watched Frozen, which is a good movie representing the idea of the pure love between two sisters who save their kingdom from freezing.annies kitchenannieskitchen2

On Wednesday, December 18, we volunteered for many hours at Anne’s Kitchen, which provides food for more than 300 homeless and needy people. I volunteered during the first shift, helping prepare the food. Our duties included peeling potatoes, chopping up fruit, and making a big green salad for the evening meal. It was a nice time to see how some people help their community, and it was a nice chance to meet diverse American people from the local community, to gain new skills, and to have a new life experience.

On Thursday, December 19, we weren’t bored at all as we went bowling on that day. We had a lot of fun there as we practiced and played one of the most popular leisure games in the U.S. It was a nice activity to finish the week with.

Finally, after a long time of waiting, and a lot of prediction about its arrival. It’s arrived here in Lynnwood, and in King County area. All of us were looking forward to seeing it, and now it’s among us. On Friday, December 20,I woke up in the morning, opened the curtains, and found it covering the entire area. Before doing anything, I took pictures of SNOW. It was a very cold, very white, and very nice day. I had a lot of fun and positive energy to complete the college break, I don’t know why I was so happy and excited, maybe because I like the white color. In any case, for me, snow completes the meaning of winter in the U.S.

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