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Rara: Work Hard, Play Hard

2011v2013The Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) program wants all of our students to make the most of their time in the United States by indulging their interests and finding things they are passionate about.  Below Rara Yulianingtyas, an Indonesian student who is studying Media at Pierce College, writes about figuring out a way to balance her dream of attending a Paramore concert in the United States with her class schedule. Rara spent a lot of time and energy to figure out a way to see her favorite band perform in Seattle on a school night and was rewarded with an “awesome” concert.

Paramore is my favorite band. It’s not just a good band that I like, but I’m seriously a real hardcore fangirl of theirs! So when I found out they would play in Seattle, I promised myself to go see them there.

I watched their concert once, back in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011, and I thought it would be great if I could watch them here in America, too!

I heard Paramore would be playing in Seattle while I was still in Jakarta. I searched on Google Maps for the way to go to Seattle from Lakewood while I was still in Jakarta (that’s how obsessive I am). Hence, I decided to visit Seattle and I surveyed the area on my very first weekend in America.IMG_3131a

The concert was perfectly done on Tuesday October 15. It was as awesome as expected and left me in disbelief, still, about how I could finally manage to see them live in SEATTLE!

The “struggle” to realize that dream fascinated me the most. I kept looking for people who also like Paramore to accompany me to the concert. It was hard because you just arrived in a completely new place for couples of days and people just didn’t open up to you so much in the first meetings.

But then along came Jessica all the way from Brazil who admitted she loved watching music concerts so much. She said she’d love to go to the Paramore concert with me! Yay!

IMG_3108aSo we planned our trip together. It was challenging because the concert would be on a school night. We thought it would be impossible to spend a night in Seattle and go back to Lakewood the next day because we had classes in the morning. We didn’t want to skip classes. But we also couldn’t go back home straight from Seattle because the concert would finish at around 11:00 at night and there would be no bus to take us back to our apartment in Lakewood. We thought a taxi would be extremely expensive. There was even a moment when we were thinking to rent a shuttle van.

We were thinking almost every possible alternative. What we had in mind was just: no matter what happened, we had to go to Paramore concert.

Two weeks before the concert day, we found a friend who lived in Seattle! He said he might be able to introduce Jessica and me to his former host family who had one available room in their house. What a perfect coincidence!IMG_3133a

We decided to take a taxi to their house after the concert and spend a night there. We knew we had classes the next morning, so we asked our friend and his host family for advice. They said we just had to rise early and take a train to Sea-Tac and find a bus to Lakewood.

So Jessica and I did this the next morning: woke up at 5:30 in the morning, walked a few blocks in freezing autumn dawn to a railway station, took the train to Sea-Tac, hopped on to bus 574 at 7:00, and arrived at Lakewood Transit Center at 8:13. Jessica continued her journey by taking bus straight to school at 8:15 while I had a chance to go home first to take a comfort hot shower before going to my class at 11:00.

Not one awesome concert missed, not a single classed skipped. Work hard, play hard!

We’re so proud of ourselves.


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