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Sebastian: The First NWCCI Intern

Last year, Agnaldo (NWCCI Alumni) and I at a Sounders game!

Last year, Agnaldo (NWCCI Alumni) and I at a Sounders game!

Sebastian Zusi is an American student at Edmonds Community College who plans to transfer to a four year college to study psychology and international relations. Here he explains why he chose to pursue an internship with the Northwest Community College Initiative Program and his past involvement with students in the program.  

My name is Sebastian Zusi. I am a sophomore in college at Edmonds Community College and I will be transferring, hopefully, to Saint Martins University this coming fall semester. My whole life I have had an interest in the international community. Though I was not fully aware of my own interest in other cultures, I inadvertently surrounded my self with friends from other backgrounds as I grew up. My  three best friends were Iraqi, Peruvian and Mexican. They each had unique culture within their houses and I absolutely loved talking with their parents to understand how it was in their countries. I was so interested I actually taught myself how to speak some basic Arabic so that I could communicate with my friend Ahmad’s mother because of her poor English. At the time I didn’t know it, but these early experiences would culminate into a passion – a passion for culture.

Each Flag represents a friend I have from that country.

Each flag represents a friend I have from that country.

Last year was my first experience with the Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI)  program and once I met some of the students and discussed the objectives of the program I couldn’t help but to be completely enthralled by the thought of being friends with people from all over the world. I personally believe that the best way to move any country forward, in our new globalized way of living, is to learn from other countries by seeing what does and doesn’t work for them. The objective of this program that attracts me the most is the need to break down stereotypes between countries. For example, I think I can speak for the Brazilians when I say that it can be frustrating when people automatically think all Brazilians are tan and know how to Samba!

In the past year, through constant personal interaction with students in the program, I have really taken the objectives of this program to heart. I now live my life everyday with the goal of becoming more open minded and aware of other cultures. I have become inspired by the hard work, determination and risks that each student in this program takes and this has made me more focused and determined than I ever have been. After all this inspiration from watching these students move out of their comfort zone and travel to a far away country, I am proud to say I will take my first steps out of my own country this summer when I travel to São Paulo Brazil! This interest in the program and its objectives are what inspired me to seek a position as an intern for NWCCI with hope to make connections in the field of international relations and the intention of a possible career in international relations! As the newest addition to the NWCCI family, I look forward to helping plan events for this program and having the opportunity to find ways to show American culture at its very finest!

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