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Mursidin: A surprising thank you

Mursidin Amiruddin, a tourism and hospitality student from Indonesia studying at Whatcom Community College, shares his reflections on arriving in the United States.

On Tuesday August 15th, 2012, I arrived at Seattle-Tacoma Airport. So this is it, the land found by Columbus centuries ago. The cool weather of Seattle welcomed me, but I was surprised because they said this is summer, the hottest time of the year. Well, for me this would be the coolest weather in Indonesia. From then, I got on the bus for the 90 ride to get to Bellingham. I was picked up by my host family, Terry,  one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

It was Ramadhan, the holy month for me and the other 2 billion Muslims in the world. Terry  knows a lot about Islam, he served me food without pork and helped me find the one and only Mosque in Bellingham. I was surprised how Americans treat Muslims, they respect us in the same way they respect other believers. I remember my father told me to be patient  and not to get offended if Americans  misunderstood my religion,  but I guess I don’t have any reason to be offended. Americans know Islam well.

It was the first  day of school and the first day of using public transportation, bus. The bus came on time, to the exact minute. In Indonesia, it is not common in Indonesia to see public transportation come on time, even for air transports. The driver was very friendly and when I got off the bus he’s the one who said THANK YOU, which surprised me even more. You gave me a ride and you thank me for the ride?? I guess it was a great day to begin my American adventure.

One thought on “Mursidin: A surprising thank you

  1. Sidin-I enjoyed reading about your first impressions in the U.S. and am pleased that you found Americans to be understanding of Islam.

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