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Ricardo: It takes teamwork

One of the goals of the NWCCI program is to introduce students to various aspects of American culture. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we embrace the outdoor lifestyle and wanted to share that experience with the students. Here Ricardo from Brazil shares his experience of rafting for the first time.

We went rafting! I really love this NWCCI group. When we first heard Charlotte saying we could go rafting, it was a great surprise. It was everyone’s first time, and we do have some people who don’t know how to swim. Everything went well, and we’ve learned many values this time, such as teamwork and how to overcome our fears.

We were filled with excitement when we got there, especially after seeing part of the long Tieton River. Well, it got even better after we put our incredible colored swimsuits (we made photo montage with the Power Rangers logo after that). In some sense, this was very good to fire everyone up, since we were going to need good teamwork and energy for this adventure.

We got in a bus and headed up the river where we could receive our first and only rafting lesson and then finally get into the water. Split in two groups, we had to follow either Alex or Tessa. Finally, after seeing that long river, we could try the water. The hot weather was perfect for the day, and the water was cold in a way that it refreshed us every time we received a spit. I would definitely swim there if I had the chance. But, as the river wasn’t so calm, this was not a good idea.

While we were going down the river, we saw a marvelous landscape. The big rocks formed by solidified lava along with the green vegetation made a very good contrast as we could appreciate with the afternoon sun coming sideways. We were just too happy. Paddling wasn’t a problem, but more a fun thing to do. This was the moment when we perceived that our strengths could overcome our weaknesses easily, and that we could be calm and enjoy our time rafting.

In the end, after a couple of hours on the boat, we could finally enjoy a rest while eating fresh homemade sandwiches. We were tired, but happy. This program gave us a present we will never forget, one that made us improve our teamwork and overcome our fears.

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