Emmanuel: Keep in touch

It has been two years since Emmanuel Mofor returned to his native Cameroon after spending a year in Bellingham studying information technology. Here he shares how the NWCCI program has impacted his professional and personal life, and offers advice to NWCCI students on returning home. 

Name: Emmanuel Tendoh Mofor
Country: Cameroon
Major: Computer Information Systems
School: Whatcom Community College
Current profession: Computer Support Technician

What have you been doing since you returned to your country?
Before my studies in the US, I was a computer training instructor; upon my return to Cameroon, I continued training people in basic computer use and applications. In June 2012, I became the computer support technician in my organization.

How has the NWCCI program benefited you personally and professionally?
Studying Information Technology in the US has greatly enhanced my skills, as I can now maintain and manage computer systems and computer networks. As an intern at Candela Technologies Inc., I learned how to work with people in a small team on
projects and how to carry out research. Personally I have become more assertive in many aspects of life. At my place of work, I am always at the lead to take action on issues that needs to be improved on. With the experienced gained, I have designed a better work plan on how to maintain computer systems on daily, weekly, monthly etc periods. In the organization I work for, I have built a server to manage the computers and to share Internet connection for better management of the bandwidth.

How are you using your experiences and education in the US now?
I am already putting into practice the skills I acquired as well as other experiences like punctuality and managing my personal budget. Also, when meeting with friends, I tell them about the culture and life in the US.

What was one lesson you took back with you to your country?

What was one idea you had about the United States that changed as a result of the NWCCI program?
There are also poor people in the US.

Do you have any advice for current students on reverse culture shock?

  • Upon their return to their countries, they should keep in touch with their friends they made in the US.
  • Get yourself active by doing the things you use to do before you left.
  • Network with others who have been abroad like you. You can share experiences.
  • Do not feel overwhelmed; give yourself time to adapt to change.

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